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10th – 11th April 2021

Organizing Committee:             Ivrea Canoa Club  ASD
     Address:                                     Via Dora Baltea, 1/d – 10015 Ivrea (TO) Italy                 
     Phone:                                        +39 0125 40186
     Wathsapp:                                 +39 3286860020
     Email:                                          ivreacanoaclub@ivreacanoaclub.info
                                                           (for training reservations on the channel)
     Website:                                      www.ivreacanoaclub.info       www.facebook.com/IvreaCanoaClub/
     Responsible person:                 Mario Di Stazio

     Competition format                  10th April: two runs
                                                          11th  April: One heat run and one final run (2/3 of the competitors enter
                                                          the final – max 30 in each category)
     Categories:                                 Senior, Junior: K1 men, K1 women, C1 men, C1 women, C2 men, C2 mix
     I.C.F.  International Race:         Send an email via your federation to Ivreacanoaclub@ivreacanoaclub.info
     Deadline:                                    Saturday, 27th March 2021
     Partecipation fees:                   € 25 – per person  for the two races – Admitted the first 200
                                                          competitors/race entered
     Bank account:                            Iban: IT96Z0521630546000009963976 – BIC: PCVIT2S
                                                          Credito Valtellinese –  Ivrea branch
Entries confirmations:                Race Office: 9th April 2021  – 10,00 – 12,00  / 15,00 – 18,00

Race Office:                                   “Stadio della Canoa” – Sala Dora Baltea
                                                           8th, 9th April 2021 – 10,00 – 12,00  / 15,00 – 18,00

River:                                               Dora Baltea

Course:                                            “Stadio della Canoa”
                                                           from “Pontetto”  to “Roman Major Bridge ruins”
                                                           Length: 210 m
                                                           Difficulty grade III° – IV°

Training:                                         Until  Tuesday 8th April 2021: see Time Table (training must be booked)     
                                                          9th April 2021 Official Training with Rescue Service on the Course.
                                                          Training gates will be always at disposal before competition.
                                                          Please see available Time Table Training on our website fourteen days before the
                                                          event starts.

Competitions Rules:                    2019 ICF Rules & Regulations

Officials – Gate Judges                IJCSL and National Judges by Italian Federation
                                                          All participating National Federations are kindly requested to notify the names of
                                                          the International Officials attending the event.


Competition Schedule (preliminary)
Friday, 9th April 202109,00 – 13,00Training with rescue service – See TimeTable Training Free of Charge
 09,00 – 12,00Voluntary Boat control
 14,00 – 18,00Training with Rescue Service – See TimeTable Training
 18,00Team Leader Meeting – Drawing Start List
 18,00Slalom course construction for 1st competition
Saturday, 10th April 202107,30 – 09,30Voluntary Boat Control
 07,30 – 09,30Bibs Distribution
 08,30Demonstration run and course approval



C1M, C1W – 1st & 2nd  run 


Award Ceremony

 13,30K1M, C1W – C2M – C2MX – 1st & 2nd  run
 18,30Award Ceremony
 19,00Slalom Course Construction for 2nd competition – Course Approval
Sunday, 11th April 202107,30 – 09,00Voluntary Boat Control
 07,30 – 09,30Bibs Distribution
 09,00 Heat run K1W, C1M, K1M, C1W – C2M – C2MX
 14,00Final (2/3 of the competitors enter the final)
 17,00Award Ceremony

N.B. HOC reserve the possibility to change time schedules and events sequence in relation to the number of registered athletes.        

Further and final details will be available at the Team Leaders meeting.

Covid-19 – The event will take place only if the provisions of Italian law, for the prevention of Coronavirus contagion, allow it and in full compliance with the established restrictions.

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